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Sony lancerer nyt 600mm F4 G Master™ supertelefoto prime-objektiv

Pressemeddelelse   •   Jun 11, 2019 16:10 CEST

Sonys længst-rækkende prime-objektiv er verdens letteste i sin klasse og har AF med høj ydeevne, høj opløsning og smuk bokeh

Sony har i dag lanceret det nye FE 600mm F4 GM OSS supertelefoto prime-objektiv (model SEL600F40GM), der er endnu en imponerende tilføjelse til flagskibsserien af G Master-objektiver i fuldformat.

Det nye 600mm objektiv har den længste rækkevidde blandt Sonys prime-objektiver og indeholder mange af virksomhedens mest avancerede optiske og mekaniske teknologier, som giver enestående billedkvalitet med ekstraordinær fokushastighed og præcision. Med en vægt på blot ca. 3040 gram er objektivet det letteste i sin klasse. Desuden har FE 600mm F4 GM OSS-objektivet et balanceret design, der sikrer den bedst mulige oplevelse under optagelse. Sammen med det anmelderroste FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS-objektiv giver det nye 600mm-objektiv professionelle sports-, dyrelivs- og nyhedsfotografer flere muligheder for at tage billeder på lange afstand med ekstrem præcision og detaljeskarphed.

“Med lanceringen af to nye objektiver i dag indeholder vores voksende serie af E-mount-objektiver nu 33 fuldformatsmodeller og 51 objektiver i alt. Det nye 600mm F4-objektiv, der er den tiende model fra vores G Master flagskibsserie, hæver standarden for hastighed, mobilitet og kontrol i et supertelefoto prime-objektiv,” siger Yann Salmon Legagneur, Director of Product Marketing, Digital Imaging hos Sony Europe og fortsætter:

“Ved at kombinere den omfattende 600mm rækkevidde med funktioner som 20 FPS-optagelse og AF/AE-beregninger 60 gange i sekundet på a9-kameraet eller ekstremt høj opløsning og højhastighedsydeevne på a7R III-kameraet får fotografer mulighed for at skabe billeder, der simpelthen ikke var mulige at tage tidligere.”

Pris og tilgængelighed

FE 600mm F4 GM OSS vil blive tilgængelig i august 2019 til en vejl. udsalgspris på 110.000 kroner

Lær objektivet bedre at kende her: https://youtu.be/nMy0za-ew1Q

Fast, Precise and Quiet Autofocus[i]

To take best advantage of the highly evolved autofocus systems of Sony’s latest full-frame E-mount cameras, the new FE 600mm F4 GM OSS lens features two XD (extreme dynamic) Linear Motors that drive the lens’ focus group to provide fast, precise AF and reliable subject tracking. These motors are supported by specially developed motion algorithms to minimise lag and instability, as well as to control noise levels, resulting in exceptionally quick, accurate and quiet autofocus performance, allowing the lens to capture dynamic, fast moving athletes or wildlife with ease.

Superb G Master Image Quality and Bokeh

As a member of Sony’s flagship G Master series lenses, this new large aperture super-telephoto prime lens features an incredible level of image quality and detail, with outstanding contrast and resolution maintained all the way to the corners of the image. The unique optical design includes a large XA (extreme aspherical) and an ED (extra-low dispersion) element that effectively suppress all common telephoto lens aberrations, plus three fluorite elements that help to minimise chromatic aberration and suppress any amount of colour bleeding. Sony's latest bokeh simulation technologies and XA element is are also utilised to control spherical aberration and help achieve exquisite bokeh.

The lens also features an 11-blade circular aperture mechanism that contributes to the high quality of bokeh in images, and has been coated with Sony’s original Nano AR coating to suppress any unwanted reflections, glare, or ghosting in images.

The new FE 600mm F4 GM OSS is compatible with Sony’s 1.4x and 2.0x E-mount tele-converters, producing outstanding imaging performance at extended focal lengths[ii] while maintaining fast, precise AF performance.

Lightweight, Balanced Design

Weighing in at only approx. 3040g, the new super-telephoto prime lens is the lightest in its classi, providing a level of portability and manoeuvrability that has never been achieved before in a lens of its style. Based on technology from the acclaimed FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS lens, the lightweight design of the new 600mm lens is achieved through the usage of three fluorite elements, with a reduced number of elements deployed at the front of the barrel. Magnesium alloy is also used throughout the lens to help minimise weight and bulk.

Also inherited from FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS, the new 600mm lens features a lens design that is not front-heavy, reducing moment of inertia that resists rotation, ensuring quicker, more precise panning when shooting handheld or on a monopod.

Durability, Reliability and Control

To withstand the harsh conditions of sporting events and wildlife photography, Sony’s new FE 600mm F4 GM OSS is built with a durable magnesium alloy and a strong, lightweight carbon fibre hood. The lens is also dust and moisture resistant[iii], and its front element is coated with fluorine to resist dirt and fingerprints.

There is also an ample number of hard controls on the lens, including customisable focus-hold buttons in four different locations on the lens barrel, which can be programmed for control of features, if desired. There is also a ‘Full-Time DMF’ switch to immediately engage manual focus at any point, and a focus ring that features Linear Response MF for fine, responsive manual focus.

Additionally, the new lens includes built-in optical stabilisation for dynamic action and three different ‘Mode’ settings, including a Mode 3[iv] setting with an advanced algorithm that ensures easier framing when following moving subjects.It also features a function ring with selectable ‘Preset’ and ‘Function’ settings, and a drop-in filter slot that accepts ø 40.5mm ND and other filter types, as well as the optional VF-DCPL1 Drop-in Circular Polarising Filter.The VF-DCPL1 filter can be rotated to achieve the desired polarisation while installed in the lens.

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[i]When the NEX series, ILCE-3000/3500, ILCE-5000/5100, ILCE-7/7R/7S, is attached, the autofocus function is limited.For details, please visit our support site.https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/www/cscs/lens_body/?area=gwt&lang=en&mdl=SEL600F40GM&cat=3

[ii]Maximum aperture with the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters is F5.6 and F8, respectively

[iii]Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof

[iv]MODE 3 is supported by the latest α9/α7R III/α7 III software version.Refer to the Sony support site for camera body compatibility information